I'm John. I have 15 years experience creating and working at companies that disrupt the norm and change the way people interact with each other.

I’m an accomplished leader and love to work on interesting projects with creative / fun people.



Senior Director of Product Development

2019 - Present

Product Director (kaptest.com)

2017 - 2019

I'm currently working at Kaplan. My day to day is spent managing kaptest.com. My team and I have been reworking the site so that it can scale and work with some of the newer product ideas that are coming from the Kaplan teams. 

A/B testing - Owning backlog of testing ideas and prioritizing based on impact and effort. In some cases we've found 20%+ improvements in revenue per visitor.

Roadmap - Building quarterly / yearly roadmap around OKRs that are given blessing by the business teams.

Stakeholder management - I've worked hard to build a good team process, chairing a weekly 50 person loop meeting.  


Product Manager (spotify.com)

Premium Manager (Subscriptions)

2010 – 2017

For 6 years I worked at the music streaming service – Spotify. I was part of the Premium team, Retention and Conversion team, Creative leads team and Product team.

I led and worked on multiple projects and campaigns that helped boost total users to 140M and subscription levels to 60M+.


Relocation - Moved from London to build a new team in the New York office.

Vision - Responsible for vision and roadmap for spotify.com.

Leadership - Led team of 10+ developers, designers and QA’s.

Planning - Led planning sessions and workshops with multiple teams to help identify problems to solve.

UX/UI wireframing - Worked closely with designers to map funnels and flows.

Stakeholder Management - Prioritized work from every department in the company. 

A/B testing - Ideated, launched and analysed many tests to improve registrations, subscriptions and activation.  

Social - Sat on the NY social team and helped organize team building events for the office.

Projects include:

CEO Projects - Worked with the CEO on 6 month re-launch project and was part of the 'Simplify Spotify' working group.

Sign up flow - A new signup flow that increased registration by 1M per year.

Email Editor - An HTML email tool that is used by the entire company.

Style Guide - A bootstrap style guide that allowed other teams to build pages for the site.

Homepage - Relaunched the spotify.com homepage four times.

Web Playback flow - Tests to explore playback on the web as opposed to desktop client download.

Account section - A fully mobile optimized user account section.

Localization of site - Worked with the localisation and copy teams to help integrate Smartling and translate the site for 60 markets.

I had the privilege to work with John for 5 years, first as a stakeholder of his team and then as a colleague. During that time John created a fantastic team and scalable processes. Thanks to that they were ready when the company (and thus their stakeholders) grew by 20x. The team recently pivoted towards a growth role. John stepped up again and led the efforts to instrument and optimize the new user funnels, finding ways to increase our MAU base by leveraging the website. - Felix Bouleau, Product Owner at Spotify 

I have worked alongside John at Spotify for four years. Despite the fast pace and complexity of his team management responsibilities he is always happy to make the time to share his expertise and help solve complex challenges. His thoughtful insight, technical skills and manner makes working with him productive and fun. John will be an asset to any tech team that needs to move fast and deliver results and will contribute a positive team dynamic. - Owen Parry, Business Development at Spotify 

John is an exuberant, welcoming, and incredibly smart individual, and I consider myself lucky for having the chance to work by his side. Not only is he a talented, data-driven, and user-centric Product Owner, but a daily positive force for every person that crosses his path. He's driven, kind, hilarious, and works extremely hard to ensure his teammates are inspired and delivering impactful work. Tl;dr: If you ever get the chance to work with him, take it. - Grace Larosa, Product Design at Spotify 


2009 – 2010

In March 2009, Don’t Stay In (below) was sold to dance music magazine Mixmag. As part of the sale, I stayed with the company and helped setup and run the site at a new office with a new team.

Don't Stay In


2003 – 2009

In 2003 I co-founded a nightlife social network with 2 friends. Users could upload photos and events, and message each other via our discussion forums or private messaging system.

Over 6 years the site grew to be one of the world’s largest social networking websites, with up to 2M unique visitors and 36M page impressions per month. In total, Don’t Stay In had over 12M photos added, and over 20M discussion forum posts.

Don’t Stay In won numerous ‘best website’ industry awards, and claimed ‘no.1 website’ in the Hitwise ‘entertainment - nightlife’ category for 6 consecutive quarters from April 2007. At its peak, Don’t Stay In employed 13 full time staff and numerous contractors.


Founder - Ideated the original idea for the site - to photograph people in clubs and give them a card with details on how to find their photo.

Leader - Public face of the site for the community. I also led a team of 100+ 'pro' photographers.

Manager - Hired and managed the sales team. Managed key accounts with the larger nightlife promoters.

Designer - Led design for the site. We kept it simple, and tried to make it as user friendly as possible. Created site takeovers and banners for adverts when needed.

Campaigns - Devised large scale physical/online multi week campaigns for the likes of Sony Ericsson, Bacardi, Fosters, DJ Hero and the Department of Health (UK). 

Promoter System - Custom built a backend for nightlife promoters to manage their events on the site and also buy banner space. Our sales team would help promoters get the most out of the system / site.

Automatic event banners - Devised a system which would automatically promote banners adverts when nightlife promoters added their events.

Community - From dancing flash mobs at train stations to 50 person space hopper races in the park - we built an amazing community that knew how to enjoy themselves. 

Television Documentary - Took part in a 30 minute television documentary about the site named 'Cashing in on Clubbing'. It was shown on the Channel 4 television network in the UK. It's on vimeo.

Gamification - Devised a system where the more people users 'spotted' at events (+1 for every person that 'ticked this is' me in a photo a user took), the higher rank the user got on the site as a photographer.



1998 – 2001: University of Plymouth (UK) - BA (Hons) Business Administration.

1996 – 1998: Barton Peveril College (UK) - A-Levels: Business Studies, Information Technology and Psychology.

1991 – 1996: Thornden Secondary School (UK) - 8 GCSEs at grades A-C including Maths, English, Science, French, Geography, IT / Business Studies. + BSA Sports Coaching course.

Specialist Skills

Ability to manage, lead, work as part of a team and form working relationships quickly. Over the years I have worked between marketing, product, growth and technology departments and have a great insight into how companies must work together in order to scale and succeed.

  • Product management.

    • Vision

    • Roadmapping

    • Planning

    • Prioritization

  • Pixel perfect eye for detail.

  • Wireframing / site mapping / funnel analysis.

  • Agile / Scrum / Kanban.

  • A/B testing ideation and analysis.

  • Interviewing / hiring the right people.

  • Great presentation skills.

  • Well versed with Jira / Trello / Optimizely / GA / Sketch.

Work Status

British citizen with a US Green Card.

Hobbies and Interests

Bicycles - I'm a keen cyclist and ride to work whenever possible. I enjoy bicycle touring and in July 2016, rode solo from NYC to Montreal over 8 days. 

Camping - I love the outdoors. You will normally find me up a mountain in a tent on summer weekends.

Technology - I love technology and always try and stay one step ahead of the curve. Occasionally my use of tech makes the news.

Gaming - I have a competitive mindset - I enjoy chess, poker, table tennis and online gaming. I like to win! 

Music - I love music, be it festivals, gigs or just listening at home. I have a Spotify playlist called 'Music like Daft Punk' with over 5000 followers.